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 I'm a statistic on New Zealand's list of women diagnosed with breast cancer.

 Damn, I am one of far too many being added to that list at a horrifying rate of knots.

 But I want to share this life-blip with you, in the hope of helping you be less-fearful for yourself

 or for your life-partner/daughter/mother/sister/cousin/dearest friend.

 I want to tell you 'stuff' that might help you know more about what to expect

 if you have just been diagnosed too, or if you are diagnosed with breast cancer in the future.

 In those first few days, having just undergone a biopsy, I waited for the results to come through

 - "five working days," they told me, and I decided then and there: positivity, positivity, positivity.

 I am winning. My weapons are my incredibly knowledgeable medical team, the love and support of friends  and family, humour and a warrior's spirit - MY warrior spirit!

 I made a list. I made rules for myself about making that list.

 I would write down the names of women I knew who had been through the breast cancer battle.

 I only allowed myself to note the names of women who I personally knew - women I had worked with,  women who were my friends, women I knew well enough to not walk past in the street. I didn't allow  myself to bolster the total by writing down the names of friends-of-friends, though there are so many I  could name.

 My list totals 19. All are breast cancer survivors. I know I am the 20th.

 - Victoria xo

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